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SELFISH HUMANS Today we will talk about a selfish person. First, we will understand the definition of selfishness- selfishness can also be called Self-aggrandizement, the person who talks to someone for his/her own benefit or work and w hen his work is finished, he would leave and then remember it when it is a lean work, we call it selfishness in simple language. A selfish person can also harm someone for his work and benefit. By the way, we all derive different meanings of selfishness. For example, if you ever ask anyone in a class or meeting, then everyone will tell you different meanings of selfishness. But all the answers will be somewhat similar as the selfish man does everything for his own benefits. God has kept man's nature separate from animals. A man always walks according to his nature. Just as a man's five fingers are not the same, his desires are unlimited (human desires are unlimited and infinite). Similarly, not every human being has the same nature. Because we