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Story of Princess Grace

Written by Nikita Sejwal Story Of Princess Grace         Once upon a time when squirrels scurried across the manicured lawn of the royal garden Niara, picking up the avocados from the ground, that is when our story begins- the story of Princess Grace. It is on that sunny day, that the Princess sat at an open window, looking out upon her garden of blooming flowers as the light of the sun painted her skin warm. At the door stood her young cousin, Stacey, watching her with a frown on her brow. Princess Grace was the kindest, the most polite and the most loving person in all of the kingdom... whereas Stacey was the exact opposite. She despised Princess Grace, even though it was the Princess's parents who had brought her up as their child and loved her as much as they loved their daughter. The very thought of Grace becoming the queen one day made her clench her teeth. Price Ryan: Such a beautiful kingdom! Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed! That's Price Ryan of the neighbouring kingd