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Today we will talk about a selfish person.

First, we will understand the definition of selfishness- selfishness can also be called Self-aggrandizement, the person who talks to someone for his/her own benefit or work and when his work is finished, he would leave and then remember it when it is a lean work, we call it selfishness in simple language. A selfish person can also harm someone for his work and benefit.

By the way, we all derive different meanings of selfishness. For example, if you ever ask anyone in a class or meeting, then everyone will tell you different meanings of selfishness. But all the answers will be somewhat similar as the selfish man does everything for his own benefits.

God has kept man's nature separate from animals. A man always walks according to his nature. Just as a man's five fingers are not the same, his desires are unlimited (human desires are unlimited and infinite). Similarly, not every human being has the same nature. Because we humans are like this.

A man never sees a fault in himself but finds a fault in another very quickly, in the same way, that a man does not think of himself as selfish, but another person always seems selfish.

But the fact is, there is some selfishness present in all human beings.

Do you all know that there is selfishness present in all of us? But there is more or less in some. Yes, all of you are right thinking that every human being is selfish. Now you must be thinking that I am not selfish or have never done anything that I got selfish in me. But my dear friends, all of us here in this world are selfish.

Maybe, some people might be thinking after listening to me that I am talking about something useless, or my mind is gone, you can think of something because no one can stop you from thinking. That is why keeping the same belief in my mind I am calling all of you selfish.

If all of you have understood the definition of selfishness then it will be very easy for you to understand selfishness.

Now, we will understand selfish people in simple language.

Selfishness is something that cannot be ignored. Every single one of us has selfishness in some or another way. There are a lot of living examples around us, for instance, there are some people in our lives whom we don't like, but if we need their help in any situation we tend to talk to them so that we can get their help. This is simply selfishness.

We all have friends, some change from time to time as per their needs. We become friends with a lot of people, some are neighbourhood friends, we have friends from our school time then we have college friends too. When we start working we become friends with our colleagues but have you ever thought that you only talk to some of them or as time passes by we forget about the old ones. This is all because of our selfishness in your childhood you needed to be friends with your classmates so that you can help each other while facing some of the difficulties as you grow up you forget them and create new friends according to your preference. Most selfish people in the world are self-centred. They never think or care about others. The only thing they think about is their profit.

How to deal with selfish people?

Humans are self-loving, they value and have confidence in themselves this is normal for a person to live a happy life, but characters like being a little too self-absorbed, arrogant or just plain narcissistic is being self-centred or selfish. 

Whenever you interact with such people you should remember that even if you care for them too much or they are very important to you never expect anything from them. These kinds of people lack the skill or willingness to be thoughtful and considerate.

You should stop doing favours to these selfish people. The more you help them the more they'll crave for. You should limit the time you spend together. Find better friends which are loyal, considerate, helpful, sweet to you and, not like these self-centred people. Even if you want to be friends with them try changing them because it's for their own good and if you think they are not going to change then you should just end your friendship because it will not be good for you to continue your relationship.

These selfish people love the idea of all for one—only when that one is them. They will dislike and devalue you if you don’t buy into their misplaced “superiority.”

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  1. This was a great read. I learned more than I thought I would. Though as a person with self-deprecating tendencies their were some parts I couldn't relate to like when you talked about how people can find a fault in others but not themselves. I hope you can write about people who have a tough time loving themselves. I'd love to read it! Regardless, I enjoyed reading this. Keeping going!!:D

  2. Superb 👌👍
    Absolutely ryt 👏👏👏

  3. Indeed ..💫
    I love the thought of writting this context on selfishness.


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