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Allergy in the Corona period

Allergy in the Corona period

Hi Friends, Today we will talk about the symptoms of allergies and the symptoms that we see, nowadays every other person is troubled by this disease, and it is directly related to the environment around us !!

In this inaccessible time of corona, we are falling prey to allergies, and then slowly we are vulnerable to corona. And the first thing we need to do to fight corona is to protect ourselves from this allergy.

If we all have paid attention then the root cause of all our diseases is to have weakened our immunity system, every doctor and speculator has always said that those who are prone to allergies and corona have their immune system due to weakening, so our immune system has to be strengthened to fight against all diseases.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is a type of skin reaction, which usually gives its reaction against substances like a particular food, clothing or drugs etc. Allergic substances are allergens, which are made from objects outside the body.

Allergies are very common, especially in children. In some children, their allergies disappear as they grow older, but they can last longer in some children.

But it is not at all the case that allergies start in childhood. Adults may also be allergic to things that they were not allergic to before.

Allergies can become a problem that affects daily activities, although most allergy cases are mild, which can be kept completely under control. Cases of severe allergies are not very common, but one must be vigilant nonetheless.

Type of allergies 


How many types of allergies can there be-

There are many types of allergies. These include some of the most common allergies -

1.Drug allergy (allergy due to drugs etc.) - An abnormal reaction (reaction) by the immune system after being affected by a drug etc.

2. Allergies to food items - an unpleasant or dangerous reaction by the immune system after consuming certain types of foods.

3. Dermatitis due to contact- skin rash etc. by touching or coming in contact with any substance.

4.Latex allergy - Allergic reaction to certain types of protein, which is found in natural rubber latex protein.

5.Allergic asthma - Asthma starting with the same substance that triggers an allergic reaction.

6. Seasonal allergy - An allergic reaction that causes eye-watering, itching, sneezing and other things related to it.

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What are the symptoms of allergy?

Within minutes of coming into contact with things that you are allergic to, you may start to feel symptoms of an allergic reaction. However, at times the symptoms develop gradually over a few hours.

Allergy problems can cause interruptions in everyday activities, although most allergies are mild. Sometimes a severe allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis (anaphylaxis; a life-threatening allergy), which is a severe allergic reaction.

If an allergic substance enters the body through the breath, it usually affects the nose, eyes, or lungs. And if an allergic substance is eaten or drunk, it is likely to affect the mouth, stomach, or intestines.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies can range from mild to severe, with common types of symptoms including:

1. Sneezing

2.dropping or stopping

3. Water coming from the eyes or 

4. Dryness of eyes

5. Itching in sinus, throat, or ear pores

6. Closure of ear (fluid filling in-ear)

7. Post-nasal drainage (oral mucus)

8. Swelling of lips, tongue, eyes or face

9. stomach pain, feeling sick,

10. Nausea or vomiting, diarrhoea, dry, red or dry skin symptoms that work are normal!

It affects the whole body, and it starts developing within minutes after being exposed to allergic substances

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How to prevent allergy in corona time 

In this time of crisis, everyone is giving new suggestions, in the same way, there is some suggestion here but it is not there to avoid corona. Here we will tell you how to avoid allergies because if we can avoid getting allergic in this season, we can save ourselves a lot from getting corona.

We need to take some precautions to avoid corona and allergies.

  • We should keep our surroundings clean.
  • We should wash our hands before eating.
  • We should wake up in the morning and drink honey lentils in lemon water.
  • To increase immunity, take Ayurvedic medicine and contact your doctor.
  • Use green vegetables and salads in food, and do not use cold things.
  • If you have sneezing or itching, you can take medicine of Evil and Cetirizine. These drugs are good for a few hours of relief but are ineffective in long-lasting allergies. See a doctor if you have an allergy. The drug is also decided according to the patient's condition and age, in addition to the type of allergy. 
  • Yoga and Naturopathy are very effective in fighting allergies. The stomach should be kept clean to avoid allergies. Very hot or very cold food should not be eaten. Always drink clean water. Doing Anulom-Antonyms, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika Pranayam for about 15 minutes daily is beneficial in allergies because they strengthen the immune system.

I hope you all have liked this article, if you have liked it then do comment and share, and do not forget to subscribe to our blog to read such articles.


your Navi


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