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मेरे प्रभु राम से अयोध्या फिर से जगमगाई है - Shree Ram Bhajan

Story of Princess Grace

Written by Nikita Sejwal

Story Of Princess Grace


Once upon a time when squirrels scurried across the manicured lawn of the royal garden Niara, picking up the avocados from the ground, that is when our story begins- the story of Princess Grace.

It is on that sunny day, that the Princess sat at an open window, looking out upon her garden of blooming flowers as the light of the sun painted her skin warm. At the door stood her young cousin, Stacey, watching her with a frown on her brow. Princess Grace was the kindest, the most polite and the most loving person in all of the kingdom... whereas Stacey was the exact opposite. She despised Princess Grace, even though it was the Princess's parents who had brought her up as their child and loved her as much as they loved their daughter. The very thought of Grace becoming the queen one day made her clench her teeth.

Price Ryan: Such a beautiful kingdom!

Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed!

That's Price Ryan of the neighbouring kingdom. He was there to meet the King for matters related to trade between the two kingdoms.

King: Welcome, Prince Ryan! It is our delight to have you here.

The King introduced Ryan to Grace and Stacey and then began to discuss the matters at hand.

Stacey:(in her mind) Ahh!! I am going to have to win the prince over before he falls for Grace. Hmmm!

That afternoon, when Grace was strolling around the royal garden Ryan went up to speak with her.

Prince Ryan: Your Highness!

Princess Grace: Ohh!! Hello!

Prince Ryan: Since I am here for a couple of days, I was wondering if you'd be able to show me around your kingdom.

Princess Grace: Sure! Meet me outside the palace gate after supper. Haha!!

Prince Ryan: Th-thank You!!

The heat of the afternoon had fallen as the sun sank lower into the sky.

Prince Ryan:(talking to himself) Why am I so anxious? I should relax, right?

Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed!

Princess Grace arrives in her carriage.

Princess Grace: Hop in!

The wheels of the carriage sang to the kingdom roads as the evening draped its blanket over the afternoon.

The Princess stops the carriage in the woods.

Prince Ryan: Umm...whyyy are we here?

Princess Grace: I want to meet someone.

Prince Ryan: Oh!

Princess Grace: Come!

They walked past the bushes there was a large treehouse in there.

Prince Ryan: Wow! What is this place?

Princess Grace: I found it accidentally when I got lost in the woods while playing with my sister. I was scared and then I met them-

Prince Ryan: Them?

Someone puts a hand on Prince Ryan's shoulder hew was wearing an invisible cloak.

The man: The name's Tom.

Prince Ryan: Ahhhhhhh!

Tom after removing his invisible cloak... 

Tom: You have done?

Prince Ryan: Yes

Tom: Good. Now, who might you be?

Prince Ryan: I-I am price Ryan from the Dentang Kingdom.

Princess Grace: He is in the kingdom for administrative work. I brought him here.

Tom: You've never brought anyone here. That was the pact!!!!

Princess Grace: I know... but both are fathers want us to marry each other, and I-

Prince Ryan: Wait, what?

Princess Grace: Yes, I heard them speak when your father was here last spring. And Tom is my best friend. I wanted him to meet you before I even begin to think about us.

Prince Ryan: Oh! But no one asked me if I wanted to marry you!

Tom: You clearly have the glitters for her in your eyes.

Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed!

Tom: Hmmm?! A talking squirrel! Let's go!...........weeeeeeeeeeee!!

Then they all went inside the treehouse and what a wonderful evening it turned out to be. They sang, danced and played several games.

Tom: I like him.

When evening came to an end, Ryan and Grace, bade them goodbye and went back to the kingdom.

Prince Ryan: Thank you so much! I had the best time of my life.

Princess Grace: Me too. hahaha!!

Prince Ryan to himself: Ahh! I think I am in love with her.

Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed!

Meanwhile, Stacey who was waiting for the nightfall stole out of the castle, slyly, to seek the Fairy Gerula, who dwelt in a cave far from the abodes of men and was a descended from the race of goblins.

Fairy: What brings a royalty here at this time of the night?

Princess Stacey: I am Lady Stacey. I have come to beg a favour.

Stacey told the fairy all about her sister and the Prince, and how she wanted her to put off the way.

Fairy: I will do your bidding. But if for some unforeseeable reason, you do not marry Prince Ryan, you will let me change you into a charming green snake. Agree?

Princess Stacey: What? Whoever heard of such a cruel request!!!

Fairy: Well, if you cannot promise me this, I think you may as well go home.

Princess Stacey: Ahh! ha! I am silly indeed. Why do I fear that I shall not win the love of Prince Ryan once Grace is out of my way! I consent to you will. 

Now, Fairy rubs her magical bowl.

Fairy: Hither, ye cousins, that come at my call: Princess Grace is young and we want her to fail. Mix me a charm that shall get her out of Stacey's way; Make the Princess forever go away!!!

Then a cloud appears from the bowl and showed Tom's face.

Tom: Grace is gentle, and dreams of no guile; We will never wish harm upon her; not now, not ever in time.

Princess Stacey: Humph!!!

Fairy: The soft-hearted gnomes are unwilling to punish Grace, but I have other ways. 


Fairy: Magic orb, listen to me... Turn Princess Grace into a snowy wee lamb for a year; let her bleat. Let a mighty lion find her in her sleep; make her human again if the lion stays with her for a year at least.

Princess Stacey: Wow! Will this work?

Fairy: Do not doubt me! Now creep home softly, and in a couple of hours, at sunrise, ask your cousin to walk with you in the park.

Princess Stacey: Wow! Wonderful! Thank Youuuu!

As Stacey left, Fairy Gerula smiled, unaware that gnome Tom had heard everything from the ebbing mist.

Tom: Grace is in trouble! I must reach the palace before sunrise

Tom set off for the palace in his little carriage pulled by a rabbit, in the silence of the preceding night. When the sun rose, Stacey hurried to Grace's room.

Princess Stacey: Awake, dearest sister, and walk with me in the park, I have lost my diamond necklace, and last night I dreamed it was lying in the grass.

Princess Grace: Oh! Yes! Sure!

They went to the garden.

Princess Grace: What a fine flock of sheep! Such innocent-

And suddenly Princess turned into a sheep.

Princess Stacey: HAHAHA! Who now is the heir of the throne? Prince Ryan is also mine! It's all my work!!! I abhor you, Grace.

Saying so, Stacey turned on her heel and left her poor cousin to her mute despair.

Tom arrives...

Tom: Huh? No!!! Grace!

Grace bleats.

Tom: If this is you, nod.

Grace bleats and nods.

Tom: Oh, I am so sorry! What do I do now? Ah! Idea! Stay here and do not go out of the Palace gate.

He then goes to Prince Ryan's room.

Tom: There you are. Listen- 

Gnome Tom told everything to Prince Ryan, who was horrified.

Prince Ryan: Goodness! We have to tell the King at once.

Tom: You cannot do that. The curse is upon Grace and no matter what you do, nothing can bring her back until one year has passed. But that's not even the worst news. The spell also dictates that a mighty lion will find her in her sleep. And you know a lion will never be gentle on a sheep. Unless...

Prince Ryan: Unless?

Tom whispers something in Prince Ryan's ear.

Grace, set out of the palace, along with Gnome Tom and reached the woods.

Tom: I must leave now, but don't you worry, you are not in trouble.

Saying that Tom left, and a confused Grace only bleated, until she fell asleep as she was tired from the long walk.

Then a mighty lion came out from his den and growled. It made Grace scared, but when the lion saw Grace it did not hurt her. 

An uncanny, yet, a beautiful friendship developed between the lion and the lamb and every day they would play by the river, watch the sun go down, and stare at each other as if speaking through their eyes.

Back at the palace, Stacey was growing restless as months were passing by and there was no sight of Prince Ryan. Seasons flourished and then dwindled like berceuse and so did the foliage of the woods as one whole year passed. That morning, Grace went up to the river to drink water, and as she looked at her reflection, she saw her face change into her human form.

Princess Grace: Ahh!! HAHA!!! I am human again!

Price Ryan's squirrel: Indeed!

Princess Grace: You guys? 

Tom whistles and the lion come out from his den.

Tom: Do you know who this lion is?

Princess Grace: Umm...

Tom: It's Prince Ryan.

Princess Grace: What?

Tom explained everything to Grace. He told her how when he had told the Prince about the curse, he readily agreed to turn into a lion to protect her.

Princess Grace: Oh! Ryan!! I love you so much, Ryan!

Prince Ryan: I love you, too, Grace!

Meanwhile not far from them behind the trees stood the King and the Queen, who had walked into the woods, lost in their grief, as it was exactly one year since their daughter had disappeared that day. They watched the hold thing unfold before them in disbelief.

King: Grace!!!!

Queen: My child!!!!!

Princess Grace: Mother!! Father!! 

As they took their child in their arms, she narrated everything to them.

They were furious, but more than that, they were hurt, for they loved Stacey as much as they loved Grace.

King: We will take care of her later, for now, I have something important to say. You... Prince Ryan. I always knew you were a good man. But your sacrifice... it's commendable. Truth be told, your father and I have always wanted to-

Prince Ryan: We know!

King: Oh! Haha! You do? Oh! Haha!!  And what do you guys say?

Prince Ryan and Grace: We say yes!! 

Back at the palace, Stacey had turned into a snake.

Fairy: You are sooo evil. I do not want this world to be filled with evil people like you. Because..... I want to be the ONLY evil person in this world. EHAHAH!!!!!

When the King reached the palace, he called for Stacey, but Stacey was nowhere to be found.

Tom: Fairy Gerula was here. I can smell her perfume. Stacey must have met her fate.

King: Well it still pains my heart, but she deserved it, for there is no crime worse than to play false to those whom we pretend to love.

And thus ends our story. Princess Grace and Prince Ryan were married.

Gnome Tom was made the royal commander. 

And as for me, well, I was both Ryan and Grace's pet now, and I loved it. Whenever they would say something, I'd just politely reply: INDEED!!


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