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Depression symptoms and measures


What is depression?

Preface: A few years ago, India's largest Neuro Science Institute conducted a survey to get an idea of ​​which is the most common mental disease in India! He got the answer "Depression"

Sometimes in life it is normal to feel lonely, but when these feelings of loneliness persist for a long time and do not leave you, then it can be depression. In such a situation, life seems to be very dull and empty, in such a situation neither family nor friends feel good nor does any other work seem like life seems empty, and positive things also seem negative.  If this happens to you too, there is no need to panic. It is necessary to understand the symptoms and causes of depression and then treat it.

We all have ups and downs in our lives, sometimes we get very happy when we get success, sometimes we get sad when we fail, sometimes people give even small grief the name of depression, which is totally wrong. Is, depression is very different from being depressed, let's understand its definition:

"Depression is a mental state or permanent mental disorder in which a person feels sadness, loneliness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, and self-sufficiency; Its signs are reflected in the psyche - soil retardation, disconnection from society, and conditions in which there is less hunger and excessive sleepiness. "

It is to be noted that the general tension or grief has nothing to do with depression.


Symptoms of depression?

If you see one or more of the following symptoms matching with you, then you are likely to be depressed:

  •  You are always depressed, do not take any interest on anything. Do not mind any work, whether it is job, study, relationship! Many times people say that happiness in life is over. It looks like this! Doing anything is not fun, meaning life is over now.
  • Guilt, a lot of people feel guilty! Consider yourself guilty on every little thing! Always curse yourself
  • This is physical weakness. The body always feels tired. It seems as if they have no strength to work. People always start getting tired of it.
  •  You have to get irritate or aggressive sooner than ever, and to get angry at small things, quarreling with everyone on anything.
  • This is a change in food.  Depression patients generally do not feel hungry.  Weight loss also works due to loss of appetite.  But some people also increase their place of loss of appetite due to this, their weight also starts increasing.
  • Sleep problems.  Sleep problems are a commonly occurring symptom.  You either do not sleep or you have too much sleep
  • Thinking of harming yourself.  People often get suicidal thoughts in depression.

Depression can occur if these types of symptoms are more than two weeks.  It is not that these symptoms are seen due to any reason, but there is a possibility of such symptoms without any reason.

What are the causes of depression?

There can be many reasons for depression! Such as biological causes, psychological causes, social causes etc..

  • Biological means there are some chemicals in the brain, if there is some decrease in their quantity then symptoms of depression start coming due to biological reason.
  • In addition, social causes such as family problems, problems in relationships, or work are all responsible for bringing the symptoms of depression.
  • Loneliness
  • Don't fall in love
  • Fail in school or college
  • Lack of social support
  • Financial problems
  • Recent stressful experiences
  • Sorrow in marital or other relationships
  • Bad childhood
  • Unemployment
  • Work pressure in office

Ways to overcome depression

Just as the symptoms and causes of depression are different in different people, the ways to overcome it are also different. The remedy that works for one person, it is not necessary to do it for others also, and In most cases, no single method of treatment is sufficient. If you see symptoms of depression in yourself or one of your well-wishers, then take some time to explore the treatment options, most people think that by talking with love, helping each other can cure this disease.  This is true to some extent, but if the disease has increased more then it is very important to have medical treatment. 

  • Now-a-days parents should also try not to put pressure on children to study more and talk to them like a friend so that the child is not depressed soon. 
  • If you feel that you are going into depression or are already depressed, do not hide it, nor feel inferior about it because depression is a very common disease, and its treatment is completely possible. Hiding it is like promoting it, talk about it in your family, consult your integral friends as well, if you feel that nobody is listening to you, then you can also directly meet a psychologist.
  • You brought changes in the way of your life like: try to improve the deteriorated relationship, if you love someone and they left you, then tell your friends to forget that you will get new love but life will get you No, exercise or yoga daily to keep yourself calm, eat good food on time, remove negative thinking from yourself and stay away from people with negative thoughts!
  • Many times we get emotional very quickly, and being emotional hurts you, so make yourself strong if you are getting emotional with someone's talk, then keep yourself calm for a while or it will be like before. You can do a course related to it. 

There are two types of medical treatment in this case :

  • If depression is due to biological reasons it can be cured with the help of aunt Dipresent.
  • Mental and fix them some counseling for depression coming from social due Hakisko say Psycho Therapy Medical.

Depression and suicide

Due to too much depression, a person can even think of committing suicide. During depression, a person may feel completely helpless and find a solution to all the problems at the end of his life. If someone talks to you about suicide, then he is probably suffering from depression, and he only gives you He is not only telling his point but he is screaming for help, and you must help him. And if you see yourself doing this, then without delay you should seek the help of experts.

If you see these things that he may warn of suicide:

  • To talk about to kill himself, or over. 
  • Suddenly meet the people goodbye or make phone. 
  • Such sentiments that person appears to be very helpless and confused. 
  • Always death related to things. 
  • To cross due to leave the road without such abnormal behavior red light to jump. 
  • Do unusual things like, "It does not matter to anyone from my right"
  • Suddenly be very depressed and feel to happy of course!

If you think that a friend or relative of yours is thinking about dying or suicide or is thinking about dying, then immediately give him the help of a professional, openly talk to him as to why he is thinking this Let's convince him that he is thinking all this is wrong.  He can be right as before, just have to give a little time to him and try to be around him and keep him thinking that doing so can save someone's life!

Conclusion / Prefix: Combining medicine and counseling can only be a good treatment.  Sometimes fear of medicines gives some people a chance to increase more depression.  If treatment is started at the right time, it is easy to recover.  Treatment of depression is possible! It is necessary for a person to cooperate with friends, family and doctor!

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